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Your Journey to Ultra-Confidence Starts Here

There are 3 easy ways to Join us in the Winners Circle

Our system and support will teach you how to access your  Inner Horsepower and use it to conquer fear and create confidence.

Our professional coaches will walk you through our proven system step by step.

The Confidence System
For Horse People
Step 1
Form the Foundation for the Horseman You want to become
First, we discover YOU! Through a series of thought downloads, we get to know the real you. Then we take on your anxieties, fears, and doubts by reprogramming limiting thinking with intentional thoughts. This process heightens your own awareness and gives you a solid base. You're on the way!
Step 2
Define The End Game
Next, we explore your possibilities. We define what lights you up and fuels your soul. We help you clearly identify and visualize your ideal future self. Then we uncover your thoughts about the life you want to have to ensure your beliefs won't limit your future. This results in a clear vision and an open pathway. You're on the move!
Step 3
Combining Mind and Body
Confidence is directly related to how you feel and act physically, so we help you form habits of breathing and strengthening your body. Then, we combine these tools with the mind management tools to set you up for the win. With a plan, you are focused on integrating thinking and acting skills into your technical skills. It's looking good!
Step 4
Learn, Fail, Excel
It's time to practice courage and develop capability. You will have failures, so we help you embrace failing as a positive part of the process. We’re here for you every step of the way. As your confidence takes hold, you begin to relax and enjoy your own journey as you go for it. Ultimately, a condition within and your approach to your journey determines your joy! You got this and we got you!

This System, combined with personal coaching and the other resources in The Winner’s Circle, will help you start showing up with more confidence, along with less worry and disappointment, less conflict and anxiety, and more of the life that lights you up.

And it doesn’t take forever. In one session per week, you will feel massive change. These are one-on-one sessions with a Certified Coach who is trained to help you find what’s holding you back. You will be amazed at how fast you progress.

Begin your personal Horsemanship Journey, which includes a private coaching session each week, for just $199 per month. We encourage you to join RISK-FREE and try out a session. If for any reason you don’t like the session, you can send us an email and we will refund you immediately. No questions asked.

How It Works:

1. Join The Winner’s Circle for $399/month  

2. Schedule your first weekly session with your personal coach

  • Your personal coach will meet with you each week for a 30-minute session to walk you through our proven system step by step.

3. Access The Horsemanship Journey Show and watch according to your schedule.

  • Learn from 75 of the top horsemen and women in the world and experts in human behavior in 25 episodes with over 34 hours of content.

4. Access Ask a Coach messaging for personal support outside of your weekly personal sessions.

  • Messaging where you can anonymously ask to be coached on any topic through messaging. You can also read other people's coaching for insight into your own life.

5. Access our entire library of clinics and courses.  

  • See all of our previous events  

6. All Access Pass

  • Gain Free admission to all of The Horsemanship Journey's upcoming clinics and group coaching calls.

7. Progress through the System at your own pace  

  • Stay as long or as little as you want. Your personal coach will be there to support you through it all.

8. Realize your dream and celebrate the victory!  

  • There really is something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of people!
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Enroll in The Winner’s Circle now and see for yourself. Look around on the site and see all the courses and content you get immediate access to, schedule and try your first coaching session, and get ready to discover your own personal horsepower.

We believe everyone needs and can benefit from coaching and from the knowledge and wisdom of the horse professionals featured in The Horsemanship Journey Show. We want you to see how much we mean it so we are offering it all risk-free.

Get your private, no risk coaching session and full access to all of our content today. We know you will love it and see the power of it by the results it creates in your life.

You are worthy of everything you desire. You deserve all that this world has available for you. Enroll and book your first session today.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book an appointment to get coached?

Schedule an appointment right from a link provided in the Members Area of the Winner’s Circle. Not a member? Click Here.

How do I attend upcoming live clinics?

Simply navigate to The Horsemanship Journey home page. From there, you’ll find the information to join the class. You attend for free as a Member of The Winner’s Circle.

Do the courses or the content inside cost more?

All courses and content are included with your monthly membership fee.

What is included in the content?

Two full Seasons of The Horsemanship Journey show with 75 of the top horsemen in the world and experts in human behavior. 25 Episodes with over 34 hours of content.(valued at 5k) Plus, our entire Clinic and Course library.

Is cancelling easy?

Yes, you may cancel at any time. Simply send us an email.

Our certified coaches help you achieve your dreams, resolve conflict and address your unique challenges.

Coaching provides solutions that are more effective than conventional approaches because it is tailored to fit your individual circumstances rather than other methods that are more broad and unrelatable.

If you’re thinking about change, Join us in The Winner’s Circle.