We relate to country kids. That’s why we have better cooperation and better results.

Teens tend to learn and accept life lessons more readily from people they can relate to because of several key reasons:

Trust and Comfort: Kids feel more comfortable with individuals they perceive as like themselves or familiar with in some way. This comfort leads to a greater level of trust, making them more open to receiving guidance and lessons from these individuals. 

Role Modeling: Children tend to look up to and emulate those they see as role models. If they relate to someone, they are more likely to model their behavior and  attitudes after them, making it easier for them to internalize life lessons demonstrated by these individuals.

3.Emotional Connection
: Children are more likely to remember and apply lessons that have     an emotional component or that they perceive as relevant to their own     lives.

In summary, relatability facilitates a deeper engagement with the lessons being taught, leading to better acceptance and application by the child. Relating is equally important for adults.

Our certified coaches relate to country families because we are country families.

Meet Shane Jacob, founder of The Horsemanship Journey:
”I wanted to be a cowboy for as long as I can remember so I attempted life as a rodeo cowboy. That didn't go well so I learned how to shoe horses. Becoming a farrier was the foundation of my career with horses. I have started colts, bred, trained, sold, and shown horses. I founded Vegas Valley Horse Auction and then Jacob Livestock, a horse feed company. In 2016 with the help of an amazing crew, we launched The Horsemanship Journey. The Horsemanship Journey uses principles learned from horses to help teens and parents thrive through difficult times.  “My core message is that your value is immeasurable regardless of what you have done. And that what you desire is possible for you.”
- Founder of The Horsemanship Journey, Certified Life Coach, Professional Horseman, and Author, Shane Jacob.
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I'm Shane Jacob, Head Coach at The Horsemanship Journey.

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