Shane Jacob
The Horsemanship Journey

Shane Jacob has been working with horses for over 30 years  as a farrier, auctioneer, trainer, and feed dealer. In 2016 he  became a leader in the horse industry when he founded  The Horsemanship Journey.   The great horsemen have always known that in order to  have the best outcomes with horses, the primary focus needs  to begin within ourselves. The Horsemanship Journey  brought the idea and a proven system and made it available  for everyone who is interested in pursuing excellence in  every aspect of their life including their horse experience.  

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The Horsemanship Journey helps people who want a full-time career with horses, say goodbye to a job they dread and say hello to a life they had only dreamed of. We help people who have had their confidence with horses shaken, step out of living small and step into riding tall. Shane interviewed 75 of the top horsemen and women and horse professionals including some of the best equine veterinarians in the world along with experts in human behavior and created The Horsemanship Journey Show which is one of the many powerful resources for members. Regardless of where you’re starting from, Shane and the Team will meet you where you are and help you create incredible exciting results in your life!  

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