Welcome to The Horsemanship Journey! We help people LIKE YOU and their horses have better lives.

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Begin by attending our upcoming clinic. "From Living Small to Riding Tall" Re-establishing Your Confidence With Horses Part 1 "
A live virtual clinic for only $19

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What We Offer:

How To Be Confident With Your Horse

1. Rider Confidence

Make Riding Fun Again
Be Empowered
Feel Secure
We empower women over 40 who have had their confidence shattered or who are experiencing fear, to regain the confidence they once had and show up like the self-assured horsewomen they want to be.
How To Get Into a Career With Horses

2. Careers With Horses

Where Your Dreams Become Reality
You Got This
We Got You
We help people go from jobs they tolerate to a life they love working with horses for a living.

I'm Alyssa, Assistant Coach at The Horsemanship Journey. I release Free Tips each week on how to  become poised and confident horsewomen and hacks for those interested in working in the horse industry.

I carefully compose a brief tip each week to help you along the path to becoming the person you know you were meant to be.

I have full faith in you.
You are Destined for Greatness!

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