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Empowering Youth and Parents.

The Horsemanship Journey offers online coaching for teens and parents through the Stable Living program.

Stable Living uses principles learned from working with horses to help teens and parents to thrive through the challenges of adolescence. 


Stable Living combines the practical tools and coaching that teens need to increase self-confidence and decrease the chances of depression, teen pregnancy, and addiction. And for parents to have less stress and overwhelm, less guilt, and more peace.

If you sense something is a little “off” with your child, or if you would like to take preventative action to reduce the odds of your child getting caught up in negative behaviors, the Stable Living program helps teens and parents better understand and direct their minds.

Knowing how to direct our minds is what we need to feel better, stop unhealthy habits, and achieve the success we want in our lives.  



How To Be Confident With Your Horse

Stable Living For Teens

Life Skills and Tools for Country Kids
Increasing Self-Confidence
Creating Desire
Accessing  the Power of Responsibility
Communicating for Connecting
Excelling as an Adult
The transition to adulthood can be a stressful and turbulent time for teens. The Stable Living coaching program empowers teens to better manage their minds. Learning how to manage the thoughts in our minds is the key to purposeful living and thriving together. 
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How To Get Into a Career With Horses

Stable Living For Parents

Gaining Peace of Mind
Reducing Anxiety
Leading with Love
Accepting What Is
Making Meaning
Thriving as a Proud Parent
Parents that participate in the Stable Living Program learn effective mind management for adults. Improved mind management results in less stress, less overwhelm, less guilt and shame, and more peace in your heart and in your home.  
Find out about Stable Living here
The Stable Living  Program is based on 4 Core Principles that form a solid (Stable) foundation for exceptional living. These principles can be seen in horses as they interact with each other and with people. 

Teens and parents learn different aspects of the 4 Core Principles that apply to their age and experience. Mastering these principles and incorporating them into everyday life helps teens and parents feel more enthusiastic, in control, and empowered.

The 4 Core Principles

1. Faith in God
This program is not about any specific religious practices. We do not promote any one religion or faith tradition. However, the data shows that a belief in something greater than ourselves increases the chances of positive outcomes so, we recommend developing a belief in God or something greater than and then regularly participating in that belief as part of successful living. Without a religious agenda, we implement faith, values, and personal prayer into Stable Living.
2. Faith in Self
This principle encompasses self-confidence, self-esteem, self-image, and self-concept. Our faith or beliefs about ourselves affect everything we do and influence our relationships so, we delve deep into our value and worthiness, shame resilience, and cultivating a loving relationship with ourselves. It’s imperative to love yourself and we’ll show you how.
3. Responsibility
Thinking circumstances or other people are responsible for our results leaves us feeling stuck and powerless. Taking complete ownership of ourselves is like a shot of energy. It gives us the power to make progress towards what we want and accelerates reaching our goals.
4. Communication
Communication has been said to the most important skill we can possess. Becoming a great communicator is a lifelong pursuit that yields immeasurable results including better relationships and higher achievement in all aspects of life. This part of the course is fun and practical.

I'm Shane Jacob, Head Coach at The Horsemanship Journey.

Each week I release a free video message with tips on living an extraordinary life. I call my weekly video - "You Are Destined For Greatness" because I have full faith that you my friend, were born to succeed!

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