Are you ready to begin living your dream of working with horses?

Join us for Personal Horsepower, a clinic for everyone who would love a career in the horse industry.

Save Your Seat

We help people go from jobs they tolerate to a life they love by moving into careers with horses.

The great horsemen have always known that in order to have the best outcomes with horses,
the primary focus needs to begin within ourselves. We combined that idea with a proven
system and made it available for everyone who is interested in pursuing a career with horses.
Get ready to uplevel your life and start creating incredible results!

Join us for Your Personal Horsepower!

Solutions to the 5 most common problems that prevent people from being able to live their dream of working with horses for a living.
A career clinic for $19.

Day 1

Overcoming thoughts about money
Gaining confidence in our ability, (dealing with risk tolerance and fear of failure)
Managing expectations(accurately estimating time, money, and effort required)

Day 2

Having accurate information (doing due diligence and planning appropriately) Obtaining enough support (not going it alone)

Day 3

Day 4

Are you thinking about a full-time career in the horse industry?  
Are you’re feeling frustrated or a little stuck?


Save Your Seat

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