Learn How You Can Work With Horses For a Living

Your Personal Horsepower
A Live Virtual Event
November 27 and 28, 2023
9-11 A.M. Pacific Time
Only $19


Your Personal Horsepower

A live virtual clinic for everyone interested in working with horses for a living.

2 Days of Massive Action and Improvement

Solutions to the 5 most common problems that stop people from being able to live their dream of working with horses for a living.

We Help People Transition Into
Work They Are Passionate About

Join Us For Your Personal Horsepower

Solutions to the 5 most common problems that prevent people from being able to live their dream of working with horses for a living.
A career clinic for $19.

Day 1

  • Finding out if this is possible for you  (dealing with risk tolerance, confidence, and fear)
  • Accurately estimating time, money, and effort (managing expectations and problem solving)
  • Solving money issues (What’s the bottom line?)

Day 2

  • Beginning with the end in mind (organize and execute around priorities)
  • Obtaining adequate support (Our Proven System and building your team)
  • Taking the next steps (moving toward living your dream)

Are you thinking about a full-time career in the horse industry?  Are you’re feeling frustrated or a little stuck ?

Get Ready to Break Free!



Will This Clinic Help With My Specific Issues?

Probably. Come try it out and let's see.

What is Your Personal Horsepower? 

A live virtual clinic for about 4 hours over two days where we provide the solutions to the most common roadblocks that people experience when thinking about and eventually changing careers to work in the horse industry. You have the capability to have, be, or do, whatever you want. You can be excellent. You can achieve greatness. You can accomplish what your heart desires. Your life is too valuable to not be doing what you were meant to do. Doing what lights you up starts here!

Does my level of experience matter?

No. This clinic is for every level of experience. We’ll meet you where you are. It is however, best suited for adults 18 years and older.

Do I have to come live?  

No, but we highly recommend that you do. We will be offering a very cool bonus you can only get if you attend. But if you can’t come live, watch the replay (available for a limited time) right away. Replays will only be sent to people registered for the event.

No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that killed your dreams!

Let's Get Started

Put this one on your calendar. This clinic can literally change everything if you let it.

Can't Make It? Register anyway as we will be sending replays!

Each day will be approx. 2 hours

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